2019 Scholarship Winner - Samantha Mascara

In alignment with Corey’s character and community impact, and made possible by the generous contributions of family, friends, and members of the local community, the third annual Hoody Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Lakota West Senior, Samantha Mascara.

Samantha, daughter of Amy and Mark Mascara, is an exceptional young woman who exhibits a strong sense of pride and appreciation for her family, country, and local community. Her impressive academic background and personal achievements reflect Samantha’s competitive, driven character and her ability to meet challenges with optimistic enthusiasm.

Samantha is best described as someone "who has the innate ability to make anyone in the room like her and brighten their day" and who is "loyal, and committed to excellence while serving others in all that she does".

Samantha will be a freshman this fall at Miami University with a focus in Nursing, and will also serve in the Army National Guard with the intention of becoming a combat medic. Samantha’s desire to make a difference and put others first not only embodies the legacy and spirit of MSG. Corey Hood, but also serves as a direct reflection of her overall maturity and integrity.

In her own words…
"I admire MSG Hood’s decision to serve his country in a brave and honorable way. I could never follow exactly in his footsteps, but I still hope to leave a mark on the world as MSG Hood did. I hope that my life will leave MSG Hood proud and I will share his legacy and pay forward his generous gift."