Scholarship Recipients

Samantha Mascara // 2019

I admire MSG Hood’s decision to serve his country in a brave and honorable way. I could never follow exactly in his footsteps, but I still hope to leave a mark on the world as MSG Hood did. I hope that my life will leave MSG Hood proud and I will share his legacy and pay forward his generous gift. ...Read More

by The Hoody Memorial , 10 months ago

Derek Wilcox // 2018

It is a great honor to be awarded a scholarship that honors the life of someone as inspiring as master Sargent Corey Hood. This means so much to me and to my family. This is more than a scholarship. It is a challenge to live up to the example that Corey has set. Corey was a combat veteran who spent his Army career bravely serving you and me. My goal in life is also to help people. My chosen Major of nursing will give me the opportunity to improve the lives of patients, give emotional support to families and to do all I can to help others in need. ...Read More

by The Hoody Memorial , 1 year ago

Jensen Quinn // 2017

Natural Born Leader | Talented Wrestler | Lakota West Class of 2017 “I think Mr. Hood and I have a lot in common. We both have love family, country, and wrestling. We both faced challenges but refuse to have those challenges define us. In my mind, he was a man like no other, and someone I would be proud to be associated with in life. We share discipline, a hard work ethic, but also a wicked sense of humor. This scholarship would be a gift that someday I will keep giving in connection to him. I will be incredibly thankful, and always revere the qualities Master Sergeant Corey Hood demonstrated and strive to be more like him every day” ...Read More

by The Hoody Memorial , 1 year ago